Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB)

The Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) aims to uplift the digital capabilities of a broad base of enterprises. For a start, DRB will be targeted at the Food Services and Retail sectors which are more affected by safe distancing requirements in the reopening of the economy.

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To have most of our clients with us for more than 10 years and we believe that our continued success can help you in your business.


Our main objective is to help businesses to achieve their personal and business financial goals and save you money in the process.


We sit on the same side of the table as YOU to provide business solutions to business problems  – we listen to your business problem and offer strategies to resolve the problem and achieve your objectives.


How will my enterprise benefit from adopting digital solutions?

If your business is in the Food Services or Retail sector, the following digital solutions will help you to adapt and thrive in this new normal:

  • e-Payment (PayNow Corporate) and e-Invoicing enable your business to carry out cashless and paperless transactions, thus reducing the need for physical interactions between buyers and suppliers and being paid faster.

  • Accounting and HR/payroll solutions enable your business to be more efficient, support remote working and business continuity.

  • Digital Ordering for dining in and takeaways enables your patrons to place their own orders and make payments digitally. It sends your patrons’ orders to the kitchen immediately for food preparation, thus improving efficiency and accuracy.

  • Inventory Management enables automatic synchronisation between your inventory movements and your orders, sales and deliveries, thus avoiding under or over-stocking and eradicating the need for manual stock-taking.

  • e-Commerce, e-Procurement and Food Delivery Platforms enable your business to have better engagement with your existing customers and allow you to expand your market reach beyond your physical shopfronts.

  • Data Mining and Analytics enable you to optimise business outcomes (e.g. maximise conversion, optimise product mix, reduce wastage) through analysing consolidated data from multiple sources in an insightful way.

Eligibility & Application

What are the eligibility criteria?

1. Does my UEN fall under the Food Services or Retail sectors as at 26 May 2020


You may view Qualified SSIC below

2. Is my UEN incorporated on or before 26 May 2020?​

3. Does my UEN have an active PayNow Corporate account?

4. Is my UEN using InvoiceNow?

Category 1 - Business Process Solutions ($2,500 payout)

If your enterprise is using all 3 qualified solutions for at least a month

Food Services:

  1. Accounting

  2. HR/Payroll

  3. Digital Ordering (Dine in/Takeaway)


  1. Accounting

  2. HR/Payroll

  3. Inventory Management

Category 2 – Digital Presence ($2,500 payout)

If your enterprise is using a qualified solution to enable sales via an Online Shopfront OR via Online Food Delivery at least once a month (Food Services) OR enterprise making purchases on an e-Procurement platform at least once a month (Retail).

Category 3 – Data Mining and Analytics ($5,000 payout)

If your enterprise is using a qualified solution for Data Mining and Analytics to obtain insights on how to improve my operations at least once a month



Your Qualified Solution Provider will submit your UEN to IMDA, when there is evidence of your usage. You can help to remind your Solution Provider to do so.


Frequently asked questions

When will my enterprise receive the payout?

Payouts to qualified enterprises will start from August 2020. Processing time will take about 1 month, upon the submission of UENs by Providers of Qualified Solutions to IMDA.

How do I check the status of my DRB submission and payout details?

You can log in with your CorpPass to this DRB Portal (DRBP) (for Enterprises) at https://go.gov.sg/drb-enterprise to view the summary of your company’s qualification status and payout details under each DRB category.


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